Finishing path question

How to run a finishing path on this example?

Using the rough pass, say I create 3 squares cut into stock. Each square is at a different depth.

Say I use a 3mm bit to rough and choose to leave 0.1mm stock for the finish pass on all squares.
For the finish say I use a 1mm bit.

When running the finish pass, do I select all 3 squares and run them at once, or should I run them individually because they were cut at different depths during the rough pass?

When selecting a square to run a finish pass, my guess is that the software is reading the depth of that square, then telling it to cut 0.1mm more. If this is true then each square I select will be telling the software what the depth is on each one… so I would select all the squares to run the finishing pass at once… correct?


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For efficient machine movement you’ll want 3 separate toolpaths, each starting at the appropriate depth.

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Thanks for the reply.

So, a separate finish pass for each square? (there is already a separate rough pass to get the different depths),

My guess is that the software reads what is selected, then cuts the amount that particular rough pass told it to leave. … but it can only read one selection at a time, or one calculated finish amount to cut (in this example 0.1mm)


If you’re using 3D toolpaths, then the finish path is just cutting to the finish depth. It doesn’t know what depth or how much stock the rough path left. That’s up to you.
The rough path just adds the “Stock to Leave” to whatever the 3D model depth is.

If using 3D Finish, I see no reason why you need to separate them. It’s getting the depth from the model, and should cut each square to it’s finish depth.

If you’re 2D machining, I totally read this wrong & you’ll want separate paths for each depth.
The software still has no idea what the previous depth was, so you need to set the start & max depth accordingly.

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Ahhh… OK
That seems right… the model determines the depth, A single pass with the rough or finish would work (using 3D only)

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