Finishing Times

Is there a reason why Carbide Create would say my project takes 830 mins to finish, then when I upload my program into Carbide motion is says it will take 3,780 mins/63 hours to finish? I have a Shapeoko Pro XXL…newest updated software

The two programs use different algorithms — please let us know about egregious discrepancies at — send us the .c2d file, generated G-Code, let us know what version of Carbide Create and Motion you are using, and how long the project actually took to cut and we’ll see if we can get a developer to look into it.

Support will look at your file to determine why such a long time and the time discrepancies. Usually when a file says it will take days it is something has been converted into poly lines. Like a big sweeping curve has been converted into tiny little segments lines. There are some things that Cad/Cam programs just take things too far when converting certain objects to gcode and result in very long cut times.

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Yes that is whats happened. I went back to Carbide create and the second tool path with the 1/8 bit looks like dots and little small lines in between all my cutouts. It didnt look that way before…hummm…and the cut times are still way different. Is there a way past this or a fix for this for my project? I will send the info to carbide as they have asked me to.