Fireplace Logo Art

Made of an old solid pine table. Whoever made the table embedded deck screws hidden inside. My through cut hit the first one hard enough to move the project. I’ll add pictures of damage and repair.


Planed table. Sanded. Blue and ebony wood stains.


Damage and repair.



I use a lot of home milled lumber. I have thought about getting a cheap metal detector. I do recycle some old lumber so I might move the detector up on my wish list. Good save.

I have seen plenty of barbed wire embed in fence lines.

I think the table might’ve been assembled without clamps. All told I must’ve cut through about a dozen. I sat there for the through cut and waited for the bit that had already hit one to graze the next one. I had a grinder with a cutoff wheel handy and cut them out of the wood before the machine got back around. It was not a pretty process but it got it over with.

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