First Aluminum project on Nomad 3 -- Business Card Holder

This is the first aluminum project on the Nomad. Took 3 attempts before getting one I liked. I am not that good at polishing - nor do I have the tools to get in the tight spots.

A friend of mine got a new Management job and had to move out of state for that job. If anyone on here knows him - Shhhhhhhhhh - not mailing it out until tomorrow. I wanted to make him something original.


Do you know anybody with a rock tumbler/polisher?
Otherwise felt pads, polishing compound, and a lot of patience :wink:

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Beadblast the background, and then re polish the letters? It would give it a little more contrast.


@Steve.Mc When you say “Beadblast” - as in sand blast with glass beads?

Yep, It does a good job of blending all of the tool marks away.

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