First assembly XL squaring the frame and Z/X/Y axis

Hi, everyone, newbie here from Uk. assembling the XL, base/wasteboard leveled, all bolts not tight but holding a little, frame square to within 2mm, belts installed, correctly tensioned, slide the Z/X axis to contact steelframe and left side in contact and square but right side has 3/32 gap between front end frame and Y axis plate. Slackened off the 8 X/Y machine screws a little and it comes in line but I am feeling I will have to shim the joint between X and Y’s to allow me to tighten the screws. Anyone else solved a similar problem? Is it a critical problem or can I machine or shim the problem away? Appreciate all the work done on the forum to help new members otherwise we might have to struggle longer and harder, went out at 11pm. to just have a little potter and still having this problem at 1.30am. Such is life I suppose!

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Please see:

If you drop a line to we have a canned reply which is nicely formatted and prioritizes a bit and notes what one can skimp on.

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Had the exact same issue with mine when I set it up about a month ago -called support and the gentleman said that was normal -have had no issues because of it.

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Thanks, will do. appreciated.

Thanks, think I should have read the Wiki a bit more !

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