First batch of HDZ for Shapeoko 4 and Pro is available

The z can lift up higher to use longer tools and still clear your part, if that’s something you need.


@DCFYI you have been asking about these


You mean instead of just raising the router in its mount? Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

I am pretty sure the increased strength and ability to use a heavy spindle are the main aspect of this purchase for most people. That is a big deal for me.


Is the leadscrew on the Zplus liable to bend when used with a heavy spindle? Or is this about the motor on the HDZ being stronger? I’m using an 800w spindle on my stock SO4 and I haven’t noticed any issues yet.

If you have an 80mm spindle mount, it won’t fit on the Z-Plus.

The leadscrew on the Z-Plus should be fine for you with your spindle.

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I think it’s more the thread pitch and the precision of the ballscrew on the HDZ are better at lifting a heavy spindle than the lead screw on the ZPlus. The linear rails take the brunt of forces, and I can’t imagine the structure of the HDZ being too much stronger than the already beefcake of a ZPlus.


I do not have a ZPlus, but I have two HDZs and they are distorting gravity. :nerd_face:

If ZPlus=beefcake the dense/heavy meat dish, then HDZ=grandma’s fruitcake. :yum:

If ZPlus=beefcake a muscular man, then HDZ=Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. :grinning:


Super awesome!!! Just ordered, but sad that there are no 80mm mounts :frowning:



I emailed support and they said 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, that’s the case and not the same “2-3 weeks” that the HDZ was supposed to be in June :smiley:

The 80MM mounts are a lot simpler than the HDZ so let’s hope for the best with that estimate!

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Luckily the mount really just relies on them making a part in-house with nothing else sourced but a few bolts and anodizing. Obviously the HDZ is an assembly that requires vendors. :smiley:


I guess I can try to use the mount that came with my spindle… eek

I have the 80mm mount and the one that came with my spindle.

If you saw them side by side, you’d not even try - C3D’s mount is a thing of beauty:)


No doubt! I’ve waited for ages for this for my 2.2kw, but now it will just be longer. No point tramming until I get the real deal.

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That is one potential solution. But not one that is necessarily desirable and/or efficient. I think the typical use case of one of these machines supports your argument.

Is it easy to tram the HDZ?

Noticed in the store there’s a difference in the Z-Travel between the HDZ for SO3 (150mm) and the Pro/SO4 (140mm). Are these numbers accurate or is it a typo for the Pro/SO4 version because I thought I read somewhere that the new HDZ also was 150mm z-travel.

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For those who only check the forums, it appears that some 80MM mounts have come back in stock :smiley:

I’ll loop in @Luke for that one.

Really struggling to see if this is worth it. I’m understanding (only by reading the comments) is that it has about 1.5" more Ztravel and that it’s a little more beefier (providing even more robust rigidity). Is this the only benefits? I’m thinking that the post should have come with a bullet point list of benefits over the 4/Pro Z Axis that came with (plain and simple) so that we can weigh the cost of investment over benefits gained. thanks for listening.