First brass project

I am going to machine my first brass project this weekend and I’m hoping to get some guidance. I will be making a ring rosary out of 1/4” brass. It will get a chamfer on all edges - I plan on doing this with my whiteside 60 degree v bit (1550). What feeds and speeds would be appropriate for this operation? This will also be my first 2 sided machining job. My current plan is to cut the chamfer & locating holes on side 1 then flip the brass and cut the chamfer then cut the profile out on side 2. Does this seem like a solid plan?

Here is the wood version - no chamfer.


You should check with Whiteside, it’s doubtful that they would recommend this, or any of their products for metal.


They might not recommend it but they do cut aluminum pretty effective

Ask one of my clamps how I know


Whiteside said it will work well for shallow cuts and engraving.

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Did they provide speeds and feeds info?

They said 16,000-18,000 rpm. At around 150ipm.

As for feeds and speeds, check what Winston and Julien use. A chipload of 0.001" is pretty safe place to start.

I’m not sure how you plan to chamfer the material without any contour initially. That means your endmill will be essentially v-carving into the brass. I would contour it partially through, chamfer, flip, contour, and chamfer to finish.


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