First CNC project under my belt - DIY Hex "Nanoleaf" panels for my PC room

Hello Everyone!

New to the CNC world. We just got out Shapeoko Pro in the last few weeks and decided we needed large wall art. If you are familiar with gamer room setups at all, you have likely seen or heard of Nanoleaf. They are RGB LED Light panels. Often in various geometric shapes. As a Youtube channel that works with resin a lot, we thought it would be fun to do something a little different. This is what we came up with! Check it out if you can!

-Nicole and Thure


Recipe for a cool CNC video: epoxy, brass, walnut, blue tape, a Shapeoko and a cute pet.
Great project ! Hexagons still the bestagons.


Thank you! Shop cats are the best cats

I like the way the backlight projects in triangualar shapes on the wall, provides good visual depth.

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Love the effect of the piece. I bet it is very calming.

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it really does. we didnt know how the lights would really look when lit up until it was done. glad it turned out well

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