First cut depth issue

So I imported my svg file into CC, set up stock and created toolpaths. Saved GCode. Used my probe to set xyz using the standard #102 end mill. Then changed to my 1mm end mill and set Z again.

When I run the simulation on Camotics, it seems to work fine but when I actually start to cut, the end mill starts by going almost right through the material and starts to cut at at a much deeper depth. I immediately pause and stop cutting.

Could someone please explain what I’m doing wrong?
Havana test (116.7 KB)
Havana test cut.c2d (73.1 KB)

I just figured it out… :slight_smile:
Stupid me didn’t set z with the probe on top of the stock, rather at the corner!
Sorry people!


Thanks for being honest. Operating a CNC has a steep learning curve, and 99% of the problems are usually Operator Error…but we have the hardest time convincing them…


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