First cut… first failure

Ran my first cut. Tried a set of coaster on some scrap wood. Learned the value/need for tabs. Somehow it jumped from #2 to #6 and it got stuck and needed a quick shutdown :grimacing:.
Also learned that thin wood likes to split :man_shrugging:t2:

How bad was your first cut?


I have made some beautiful fire wood, broken more than my share of bits.

Questions, Just ask


Ah yes. Just focus on Failing Your Way to Success. You’ll get there.

Big community here to help.


I’m a redeemer! 2 sets of coasters made now. Not perfect but it’s good example to learn with. I’ll probably run a few more different designs just to get a feel and try different complexities. But I’m happy with the progress. Also happy that with my dust control been keeping up.


Great work. The process is where its at :slight_smile:
Stay safe

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I think we have all been there before. I learned real fast on how to properly use the hold down clips! My 18" clock became a 12" clock very quickly. Haha

Just cut one today though and zero issues this time around.

I also learned the importance of really tightening the CNC bits in the router and rough passing / finish passing to prevent the bits from gripping your work piece and loosening it.

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When I was first learning the lathe I started making a platter and ended with a saucer. Then I made a rolling pin. The center was beautiful when done but the diameter was so small you couldn’t get your fingers under the handle. I cut it in half and made 2 mallets.

My lathe work was a series of F’ up and recovery.
At least with the lathe you can recover often even if its for a top. A lot of the other tools in the shop screw ups lead to trash.

Although I have a hard time throwing many of this scraps away. Enter the Shapeoko, I can now do interesting things with pieces that seemed like trash before. Although I make more trash on it as well.

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