First cut on S3 but stuck with CC issue

As my very first test, I’ve been trying to cut a simple contoured rectangle. The problem is when I run the CC simulation, I keep seeing a pocketed area and then my contoured rectangle lower down. I can’t figure out what the pocket is.
I’ve attached the CC and NC files.
Can someone please figure out what I’m doing wrong?
Many thanks!

Rectangle test cut.c2d (2.4 KB)
Rectangle test (2.3 KB)

The extra rectangle you’re seeing is a previewing artifact of trying to use a very small piece of stock.

Increase the stock size and it will go away.

I see, thanks Will. If I’d like the stock size to be the same, it won’t actually cut the artifact pocket will it?

Correct. Only the toolpaths will be cut – you can use a 3rd party previewer such as camotics to test that.

Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:

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