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Why would my bit run into the table after a few pases?

It’s a good question but it needs the context. Can you share your c2d file, explain what you had expected, what you did and what happened? After that it may be possible to answer your question with certainty.

If everything worked well for the first passes, it is possible that your bit was doing what you told it to do because your Z height zero for the stock was set incorrectly. This is just a guess without the c2d file.



I have a plywood of thickness 9mm.
Width= 573mm
Height = 510mm
Zero height: Top

Contour Toolpath:
S= 0.0mm
D= 0.3mm

I want to carve a letter to test.

You’ll probably have to let us know how you are setting your Z zero for the job (paper method? BitZero?) ?

That’s a very low depth you are cutting - how many passes is it making before it runs into the table?

Did it go more than 0.3mm into the table? If so, it might be that the endmill slipped in the collet. Do you use a spanner/wrench pair to tighten the collet?

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Yes, Understood. Can you attach the file you are using to make the test cut. Its filetype is .c2d. Whatever name you used to save your file from Carbide Create, for the test cut, with will be using this filetype. Without seeing it, there is not much opportunity to understand what may be going awry for you.

When you respond to this post, click on the arrow pointing upwards at the top of the reply window and it will take you to a file browser to add a file or an image. Click on browse, add your Carbide Create file and then upload it. It will attach the file to your response and we can look at the c2d file and assess what has been done.


@Moha, you’re going to have to give us a bit more information if you still want some help, at least in providing the .c3d and .nc files.

We can then look at these and investigate the issue for you.

Guys I think I figured it out… The bit was a loose in the spindle.

I try again and revert back if it persist.

Thank you all for your support.


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