First masking attempt

I tried masking for the first time. I used spray poly on the wood, 2 coats first followed by Home Depot shelf paper for the mask. I left the wood in the sun for awhile to warm it up and used a hard roller to unsure good attachment. The cut was made with an Amana 60 Degree carbide insert bit. Boy are they sharp! The mask help ALMOST everywhere. It came off in the middle of a couple small letters like ‘a’ and ‘e’.

I used blue painters tape to mask different areas to spray paint the color. Then the trail began. When removing the painters tape it wanted to pull up the shelf paper. I had to use a sharp point to peel certain letters of the mask off and hold it in place as I continued to peel off the painters tape.

Since I was painting three colors, this was a painful process.

It didn’t come out perfect but I’m satisfied with my first attempt.


Oh, and I sprayed 2 coats of poly on afterwards.

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Nice job. Every project will get better. I’m still learning new processes for sealing or using masking and painting.

This is where you throw out the spray cans and pick up the paint brush. Get some acrylic colors from the hobby store and place your colors precisely. The mask will work much better with thicker paint, too.


Thanks for that input. I’ll try that. Sounds much easier.

BTW, my wife was born in El Paso.

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