First paid sign

So here is my first paid sign for a new startup company in Ellon Scotland. Meat monsters are a american smoke house style bbq restaurant, and so with that as the back story I came up with this to give the owner a nice name plate. I am also working on a full size cow too more on that later. It came out oK better than expected but I still think I can refine the workflow. I thought I would share.



Nice project!

Did you spray and sand or is that epoxy fill?


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I sanded this then hand painted the red and plack (3 coats) then at least 3 or 4 coats of varnish final coat had a light sanding.

All using brushes no spraying


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Of a little what are the red blocks in the rear drag chain lol

That my friend @Flashoser is the latest in SO3 fashion:)

Just Kidding - this is holding the dewalt power cable the red is masking tape - though i am pretty sure i think @WillAdams posted somewhere on this forum regarding disconnects that having the power cable on the drag chain is not a good idea, but touch wood this has been OK for me for now