First project and lots of left Y vibration

So after eliminating my initialization issues I got down to my first cut. It went poorly. You can see the result as well as the intended design. The left Y seems to have a lot of vibration, I see this in initializing etc as well. I can watch it and see that the left and right Y aren’t in synch with each other. It isn’t 100% of the time though. The x and z seem to be smooth.

Belts are very tight, maybe too much? The x belt required no fiddling with, but these Y are a different story.

I did find some loose bolts and tightened those but that hasn’t really fixed the issue. I’m thinking it could be out of square and maybe I need to tear it down and build it back. Opinions are greatly appreciated.

I’m thinking I need to do the hello world sharpie project till I can get clean results before trying another cut.

I dont think this is a belt issue. Maybe one of the Y axis motors are wired backwards and fighting each other. Here’s how to test.
First initialize the machine.
Then disconnect the right Y axis motor and manually jog the Y axis to the left and right and make sure it runs smoothly and in the correct direction.
Then disconnect the left Y axis motor and manually jog the Y axis to the left and right and make sure it runs smoothly and in the correct direction

The other thing to check is the pulley wheel attached to the left and right Y axis motors. Make sure the set screws are tight and aligned with the flat of the motor shaft. If they seem OK use a sharpie to mark the position of the set screw with respect to the shaft, then jog the Y axis and make sure the pully isn’t slipping

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What @baricl said about checking the setscrews on the Y motor pulleys.
Plus, do contact, they’ll walk you through troubleshooting this.

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I did indeed find them to be ever so slightly loose on that side in my initial issues with initializing. I’ll probably reach out to support tomorrow. I think I’m going to double check the squaring later today first.

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No need to wait to contact support if using e-mail — we understand that many folks can only use their machines evenings, weekends, and holidays, so do our best to staff the support queue during these times.

Second or third on the pulley set screws. The set screws can cause havoc on your design. The belts do not tend to be a problem unless very loose. The belts need to be snug but not super tight.

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