First Project for Non-family

My wife asked me to make a sign for her school. Still learning but enjoying the process for sure.


Very nice and clean looking.

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That turned out really sharp.

What bit did you use for the eagle? Can you tell me how big the piece is? I think I like the darker stand a bit more.

Thanks for sharing.

Well done, nice clean lines. Keep making saw dust.

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Your project looks good. One suggestion and this is personal preference but orient your glue up horizontal and not vertical. The horizontal is more pleasing to my eye.

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Looks great. Quick question: How did you go about doing your epoxy fill? Did you just pour very carefully into the pockets, or did you overpour and surface afterwards? Iā€™m just getting into playing around with epoxy and trying to work through the most efficient way to do it

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Looks great.

That middle picture with the letters half full is how i like leaving some outdoor stuff. Just paint it and turkey baster some cheap water based polyurethane into the letters.

The finish is gorgeous.

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Thanks. I used a 20 degree engraver on V-carve at 2mm. Full sign is roughly 12" X 16".

I did the pour in two parts. The blue was carefully poured into the letters, jut below level. Then I did a clear pour over everything as a top coat.

Which epoxy product did you use? Turned out really nice!

It is called Amazing Clear Cast.

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Since his eagle is tinted green you would pour that first, let it dry, surface it. If you wanted to coat the board with table top then you would pour it over and let it level.

Epoxy is a growing thing. There are a lot of epoxy. For the River Tables you have to get deep poor type because if you use table top which is usually limited to about 1/4 inch the table top will heat up when poured too deep and cause issues. If your poor is deep then use the proper epoxy.

I have a cheap scale and the proportions are very important. The current epoxy I am using is 50/50 but when you get into the proportionate type epoxy a scale is very important. You always need to mix more than you need which is wasteful but if you dont mix enough and mix another batch color match can be an issue.

For epoxy you can get some stirring paddles on Amazon because you have to mix epoxy well and if you add color specifically powdered coloring it needs to be mixed well. I use Transtint alcohol based dye and it works very well. Being liquid it mixes well and the Transtint mixes with everything I have ever used it with, stain, polyurethane and many others. Transtint is expensive but a little goes a long way. You also need some plastic cups to mix our epoxy in. If you use those disposable plastic party glasses it can heat up and start leaking. The plastic beakers you buy can have the dried epoxy removed and reused. If you want to use paper cups and throw them away when done that is also economical.

nice job! looks clean and I like the resin in the letters. it really pops out