First Project - Golden Ticket

My neighbor friends are getting married next week so I am making a sign. They are both fans and supporters of small musicians and frequently host small concerts in their back yard for friends and neighbors.

I was torn on what color to make it while standing in front of my paint and stain collection, which is not very robust. Blue? Green? Red Sedona stain? Gold? Golden ticket? Shazam. The circles on the edge were cut on my drill press as I don’t have a scrap wasteboard yet to make cuts all the way through. The Playbill text didn’t work when typed normally, so I had to make an individual component for each letter and space them apart.

Using a .25 60 deg v-bit endmill. I had to do a lot of cleanup on the cuts as there was lots of bushing and rough edges. Maybe it’s just because it’s pine? Would hardwood react like that?

The light makes it look amber, it’s really gold. Going to do more touch-ups tomorrow.


I typically use Beetle Kill Pine, either lodgepole or ponderosa, but I slow down my feed speed to 35-40 IPM for v-carving to get a smooth finish on the BKP. Profiles I cut at 85 IPM, and I get rough edges which requires sanding.


Very good job!
I bet your neighbor friends will be very happy to have it.
Very unique, and thoughtful.
I like the coordinates on the end.


Brilliant work and your first project too. Yes it is often necessary to ‘tweak’ text to make it look OK. You are on your way now, excellent.