First Project -- Handles for Zona Saw Blades

First time working in Fusion 360. First time cutting with a ball endmill. First time trying to cut both faces of a piece, Maybe the 10th cut ever on my S3XL – which makes it my 10th cut ever on a CNC.

The handles were cut from 0.25 inch scrap. One from hardwood (red oak maybe?) one from plywood. Modeled after the profile on the handle of the Japanese laminate saw at the top of the image.

Took me a couple of tries to figure out the best way to zero the cutter to minimize the offset when flipping over the stock.


Very nice work john.

Thanks. I have one more to make – for the key-hole blade that came with the assortment. Need to tweak the design for that.

The tool path for the outside of the handles, with the filets, was mysterious to me. Fusion 360 seemed to be responding to the isoparms (isocurves?) at the inflection points on the outsides of the model (the bottom of the assembled handle). On a couple of passes it reversed the feed direction there, then it retracted the tool, drove back into the stock a few millimeters away from the edge and resumed the cut. I am trying to figure out why it did that, and how to stop it.