First real project - end grain mini butcher block/trivet

I have completed my first real project this weekend. It involved the Nomad, but mostly for stock surfacing/planing. Apart from that, I took a stab at a juice groove in fusion360 and carved that using a 1/8 inch ball end mill.

The stock for the block was cut using a basic hand saw and a makeshift jig. I’m pretty amazed that I can do this in my one bedroom apartment.

I’m planning on doing one with an inlay next.


There is not too much that a person cannot do if they really want to do it.

Very nice ! Now you just need to find mini meat to cut :slight_smile:
What tool and settings did you end up using for surfacing ?

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love that wood, what is it please? Look at the patterns / grain - not much more to say than “Chop Chop with the next one”

Here all week try the fish!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I used a 1/8 inch end mill. Took a while but was worth it! Planing all the boards initially took the longest due to the amount of switching/glueing required.

:smiley: It’s all walnut. Some of the boards partially contained sapwood, which led to the lighter parts. I have another order coming: walnut, cherry and maple - should be good :slight_smile: really curious if I can replicate this small success again!


I really like this. A set with some convex feet that fit the juice groove could have them stack nicely.


Thanks! That’s a great idea. I’d have to see how to machine those. I assume just a flipping the block and then carve one the corners. Then machine the positive corner parts and stick them in. Will have to try that at some point.