First run minor issues

Just starting my Nomad 3 for first time. A few issues

  1. The door isn’t staying closed. So when I got initialize the door at some point keeps popping open. I used a paper clamp to keep it shut for now but is there any better solution?
  2. Since the initialize process got interrupted. I sent the $H command to the machine and the position isn’t at x:0 y:0 z:0. Instead its x: -3 y:-3.001 z:-3

How do I fix both issues above?

On the first point, contact for advise.
On the second point, this is the normal behavior: during homing, the machine will first seek and trigger the limit switches, but will then back out by 3mm from the 0,0,0 position.

This has been enough for me. Just some grippy tape.

I believe adjusting the door sensor placement is the solution — as @Julien noted, check w/

My Nomad 3 door wouldn’t stay closed either. They sent a new door and since it was identical to the original and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the geometry of the door I took the enclosure apart to investigate.

Turned out the problem was with the aluminum sheathed polyethylene panel that is the roof of the enclosure. It was bent and twisted in a variety of ways but because it was bent down across the front it put outward pressure on the door at the hinge. Any vibration and the door would open.

Straightened the panel and reassembled thew enclosure and the door stays closed now.

With the door in place you can’t bend the al/poly panel enough to correct the bend and it’s too hard to install the plastic hinge from the front. It needs to slide in from the side so you’ll need to take at least one side panel off.

Moving the door sensor was the first thing I tried but it was already all the way out.

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