FIRST SUCCESSFUL CUT under my belt (mostly)

…could have been better but I know what I need to do to make it so…

Question: Almost all of my designs are produced in Fusion 360, I guess Carbide Motion wont except anything but *.C2D files. I found a video that claims that Fusion comes with a postprocessor for the shapeoko, but it doesn’t seem to be in the list of processors. The video gives a url to download the post processor from carbide 3d but that link now returns a 404 error.

How are you’all importing fusion 360 gcode into Carbide Motion??

Thanks in advance.

Carbide Motion accepts .c2d file, and G-code file using various various file extensions (including .nc)

It should work to write out G-code and then load it:

What post processor did you use instead?

none yet. Just trying to get started.

Are you able to see the big list of post processors? Carbide 3D’s should be there.
Did you generate toolpaths already? It would help to know your experience with Fusion and CAM in general.

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Hey Neil,

I finally figured it out. I may have been looking at the wrong list because as soon as I put CAR in the search box, it popped right up. Be for I was using whatever is the default post processor.

I should be good until the next perplexation.



Now that’s a good one for my log! :smiley:

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