First time out with my cnc products

I have only had my machine for about a month, so I don’t have tons of products made yet. Feeling good about what I’m doing so far!


So what was popular and what was not. What was your sweet spot on price?


I feel the show definitely could’ve had way more people and I felt I could’ve had way more products and that would’ve helped everything sold about equally very random. $25 seem to be the sweet spot for most things, except for those raised cutting boards which sold for $35 all day but I wanted 45 .


Good for you! Hope it was a good experience!

You had a lot of product on the tables. I have been given advise that is to keep multiples off the display and replace an item as sold on the table. The reasoning is too much confuses people. Now if you cutting boards have differences I understand that but dont just stack up stuff because people do not focus on what you have. People cannot see the forest for the trees. I think the craft shows takes some experience to figure out what sells and at what price. I think that the $50.00 and below is an impulse buy but having a few expensive items can make more money than all the small stuff added up together. You never know when a whale is going to come buy and love something that is expensive. So it is a good idea to have a variety of price items but obviously the cheaper stuff sells more quantity but a big item can make more money and maybe have a conservation about making something custom.


That’s really good advice thank you @gdon_2003 I’ll keep working on those things. It made me sooo tired to do the show….

I had seen this a while back and remembered it. Check out these tips.


Your table looks great, i hope your items sold well :grinning:. Do you mind me asking how you decided on what to bring? I’ve been thinking about trying to do a few shows but I can never settle on what to focus on that will be a good seller.

You’re killing it, all day! Keep that machine churning - and keep coming up with new ideas for things, explore new possibilities for things that you can do with your machine. Push your abilities and skills with your machine.

You’ve made more stuff in one month than I have in 5 years. I do mostly custom-order signs that m’lady sells on Etsy, which has proven to be the ticket for us in recent years, but I’d like to have more “run-of-the-mill” products that I can just crank out and build an inventory of to send out to customers. It is a bit exhausting having to make a sign and then make sure the customer is happy with it before making it, and always having the deadline right after they’ve placed their order where I sometimes must scramble to make sure I have all the materials ready. I’d like to just have more things that we can sell as-is, without so many custom jobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, what I was saying before, it’s like what they say with investing in stocks: diversify, diversify, diversify!

Take a gander at what other people are doing with their CNC routers to keep finding inspiration for new things you can add to your wares. The money makers are out there, waiting for you to find and create them :slight_smile:

Keep us posted! <3


I am also still learning what to put out there for me. I live in a tourist area so as much as I want to make really epic things like stated above simple signs that have fun sayings to do with the area that I live in seem to work really well.
And as far as custom work, I agree it’s extremely hard to get your money in the end because of the pie way you talk to the customer and then see if they like it and then adjusted and so on.
My plan for that issue is to attempt making semi custom signs, or they can see the just of the same put your name here kind of thing.
Also, thanks for the pump up everybody it is a lot of fun making artistic stuff for the first time in years. I’m trapped in my cabinet shop, measuring precision spacing and getting yelled at because of something all the time.!

Maybe think ‘smaller’ items. Plain Yo-Yos and some with designs, cell phone rests, dresser containers for phones, watches, jewelry. Maybe some spoons & forks sets, salters with lids, racks for spices and knives, and Trivets for hot pots to sit on.

For woodworkers, make push sticks of different designs, spray paint can organizers and for crafters small paint bottles organizers. Drill bits and CNC bits organizers. Different sized tray inserts for roll-away tool boxes. And just small wooden boxes for small delicate tools like calipers, micrometers, depth gauges, etc.

Those are some great suggestions! Thanks :blush:

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