First tray project

With the help of several carbide create forum members I was finally able to complete my first tray. I’ve found that the carbide router overheats after 15-20 min with the tray but but I will work around that!! There were a few marks from sanding with the multi tool but otherwise I’m pleased


Looks great! I’m still working on my first project. It’s definitely a learning curve!

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Brandi - keep the faith! The people in this forum are a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help. I’m new but I’ve made several projects now! Jen

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Definitely need to keep the faith! Lol!

The router really shouldn’t be overheating. Many of us have jobs that run for multiple hours.

Are you taking too aggressive of a cut?

It’s a3/4” tray but and I’m only taking a 0.1” cut. From what I could tell and from the sound it doesn’t seem like it but after 15 min it trips the power strip.

Looks like you came on here in May, so is there a new warranty? @WillAdams

I’m sure there is but I bought this used off eBay. It only shuts down like this when using the tray but. Since it’s a smaller router (it’s the carbide router not the makita) I just think it’s limitation of the router. But next tea I’ll try cutting it to a .05 cut and see if that improves things. Thanks!

Then you must try to eliminate the power strip. Plug the router directly into where the power strip is plugged into and try that. You don’t know if the power strip breaker is defective, yet.

Also, even with it plugged into the power strip (and certainly after you move the router plug to another outlet), how long will the router run without cutting anything? Just turn it on without a bit and see if (or when) it cuts out. This will tell you if it only cuts out with a load on it without risking any stock.

If it works without a load using the power strip, then that is too an indication of a bad breaker in the power strip.

Post your findings, please.

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