First try on V-Bit engraving on Gravity Chopsticks

Just did a test engraving on my Gravity Chopsticks! My Nomad is pretty accurate. First try turned out pretty good. Going to have to run 100+ pieces for my Kickstarter rewards.

I used a 90 degree V-Bit from precisebits

I have a delrin tray milled out to squeeze the chopstick handle into. I still need to figure out a good way to pull it out of the tray without damaging the aluminum part. :sweat:

I imported my logo (svg) into Carbide Create and ran the contour path. For the text I used Carbide Create text tool right out of the box. Also with contour path.

Will run a few test parts through nickel plating finish and see how it turns out.


Are you engraving the pointed end of the aluminium? if not could you just machine a big pocket on that side of your jig? this means that you could get your fingers around the part to pull it out quickly :slight_smile:

Awesome Project!

I’m only engraving the wide side of the aluminum. This is the first piece so I’ll figure out a good way to pull it out without damaging the part. :grin:

Looks great. Thanks for the link for the V-Bit. May I ask what your plunge setting was? I liked the depth and appearance of what you did. Thanks.

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@designxtek Hi, I know this is an older thread but I was just curious how your project turned out and if you made any changes to your setup? When I saw the chopstick in the form I immediately thought of the little red tab that hangs out of the battery compartment on toys. I think I’d drop a piece of fishing line or something else thing and strong in the pocket before setting the engraving item and use that to remove the item once done.

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Hi @AZArtisan I ended up making pockets around the sides of the handles. It made it a snug fit and easy to remove with my bare fingers. Engraving doesn’t push the handles around at all. A comfortable slot fit is good enough. My original slot was too tight so by making huge pockets around the side for grabbing fixed my problem.

sorry for the super late response. Here is the screenshot of my setup:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Very cool, thanks for sharing!