First Vcarve on a bamboo cutting board

I am happy with how it looks.
Took much longer than I expected, but I suppose I should expect that.

My wasteboard is not level enough for vcarve, so I mounted two 2x4s near where the edge of the cutting board would rest, and cut a 10mm deep pocket the dimensions of the cutting board to hold it, and make sure that it was exactly level.

I ran the vcarve and the contour for the artichoke multiple times to remove some fuzzies.

Haven’t sealed it, yet.


I have found that epoxy resin in V-carved bamboo is an interesting option, I made coasters a few months back, use them daily, and they show no sign of wear.


Thanks Julien, I saw your post with the coasters. They looked great

Why don’t you resurface your wasteboard so that it is flat and parallel?


I will. I want to improve my dust collection a bit first, and then I will make a new wasteboard with better hold downs.

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Good idea on the dust collection. I did it early on without mine set up. It was the only time my wife has ever questioned if it was a good idea that I had a CNC. She’s subsequently come around on the issue, but given the amount of MDF dust that found its way into the house from across the shop when I surfaced my wasteboard, it might be better to hold off.


Hi! Nice work! I am a V Carve novice and have run similar work on a Next Wave CNC. I am at a new maker space that has a Shapoko but I don’t fully understand to run my V Carve design on the machine. I import to Easel but the design does not line up correctly. I would appreciate any procedures you use,