Fixture Clamps, 10ipm, 0.2mm doc, 10krpm, 1.5mm load 14hrs

Here’s my fusion file:

1/8’’ ZRN endmill (I also have a 3/16’’ zrn and 1/4’’ zrn) rough it with 1/4? I was trying to stick with smaller endmill to keep it quiet.
10k rpm, 10ipm, 0.2mm doc, 1.26mm optimal load, 1in plunge, 5in ramp, both ways.
2 deg ramp angle, 12deg taper angle, 0.5mm clearance height.

am I doing something wrong? It seems like these are the “avg” speeds and feeds everyone is doing…I’m pretty sure this is not normal for everyone right?

What things can I speed up without stalling the machine?

I run my 1/8" carbide mill at .08" depth of cut and 60 ipm.

Are you cutting aluminum?

sorry ya, 6061 aluminum

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