Fixture Wax Troubles

Hey guys, so I’m doing some cuts through an object and bought some fixture wax (blue and white). I’d LOVE to use the white because it’s water soluble and will be easy to remove from the part. However the material I’m using is really smooth and the white doesn’t want to stick well.

I have blue and it will stick perfectly, but I have no idea how to get the wax off…it’s so sticky when heated.

Any thoughts on how to improve adhesion with the white or tricks to get blue off the part?

Lon, the blue wax is more tacky, so for maximum holding strength it is superior to the white.
To remove the blue wax, heat it up, and wipe it off with a clean towel or tag. I use a rag to hold the part since it is hot, and another to wipe off the remaining wax.

Maybe I’m not heating it up enough…it’s so sticky it’s REALLY hard to get off the part, especially if there are some nooks and crannies it gets into :slight_smile:

At least one person has noted that they soak (metal) parts in Goo Gone to remove the wax residue.