Fixturing Wax Supplier

I found the following water soluble fixturing wax called Rigidax. They have other non-water soluble versions as well.

40 pound box = $319.00
10 pound box = $82.95
5 pound box = $44.95
1 pound sample pack = $19.95

According to their website:

“Rigidax WS - A water soluble version of Rigidax. Easy to clean up the parts but not quite as hard as the blue and green versions. Dissolves after a few minutes of contact with warm water. Does not work well in machining operations that spray coolant on the material.”

Since it’s been 2 weeks since you posted, has this turned out to work well for you?

I always wondered how well this homemade machinable wax would work and how much cheaper it would be:

Good find, I’ll have to give that a try!

Edit: On a related note, I had a project I was working on a while back where I was mixing waxes to experiment with different mechanical characteristics for application as a seal on a food container—had to balance toughness, melt-temp & brittleness.

I was blending sunflower wax, beeswax, vegetable wax and kester wax. I was surprised how much strength & hardness the sunflower wax would add, even at low contribution by weight (~5%) , so I may try mixing up some of the leftover wax I have and see if I get something that cuts cleanly and is fully recyclable as a pure-wax product.

The other benefit is that the melting temperature for the combined waxes is below boiling, so you wouldn’t need a deep fryer, just a double-boiler like you’d use for sauces.

I want to make silicone molds, so I’m looking for something not just for fixturing, but also for reusable mold mastering.