Flags of the United Kingdom

Just a quickie to let you (someone!) know both the United Kingdom flags shown in the Carbide 3D Elements pages are not quite right.

In the Flags of World Countries category, it looks like this:

…and in the United Kingdom category, it looks like this:

In fact, it should look like this (colours included for clarity):



The first flag is the 1606 flag, which changed to the current one in 1801.

So maybe the first flag is still useful in anything you want to carve depicting certain events in the 1770-1780s, perhaps.

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I watched a video last night about the formation about England last night. The video cover the time after the Romans left intill about the 12th century. The Saxon migration, the Viking invasions the internal fights from Irish and Scots and finally the establishment of the core of England. Very interesting. My family has been in America since the 1600s but my dna is 90 percent English. I guess that is why I like to watch military parades with bag pipe and drum.


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