Flip jig success

Finally got my flip jig squared away and now the nomad is ready for production!!

1911 grips was the first hurdle
Designed in solidworks
Meshcam to g code and… grrrr troublesome.


Adam! Your not supposed to cut those grips while they’re still on the gun! :smiley:

That looks like a winner for you. You must have a laser somewhere, too. :smiley:

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FWIW I’ve recently been taking another approach to flipping parts:

  • Bore 5.8mm holes in a large piece of stock using a ~1/8" endmill, to match the 6mm locating features on the bed
  • Ream the hole to 6mm
  • Use the locating holes and a dowel pin to locate the stock on the bed
  • Fix the stock (e.g. tape and superglue or with a fastener)
  • Machine the part, leave some tabs
  • Flip the stock
  • Machine the other side
  • Cut the tabs, file what remains

Some nice consequences:

  • You can plonk down a piece of stock just about the same size as your bed and machine the whole thing at once. In your case it looks like that would mean ~5 or 6 grips in one setup.
  • Since the stock is already located, you don’t need to bother with homing on X or Y.
  • If you buy stock with a decent thickness tolerance, no need to home on Z either (or you can home to the bed).
  • If you can leave the locating features in place while you’re machining, they can keep your work rigid.

One potential improvement I picked up from NYC CNC is to use hot glue to fix the part in place after machining so that you can machine away the tabs.


Nice. Is that blue grip a Valkyrie Dynamics?

If you want to mess with textures, gunsmith Ned Christiansen has something called conamyids (cones + pyramids) that I saw years ago:


I love your Idea, on the same level I was thinking!

Yessir valkyrie in g10. Doing hexagons tomm when I get home. I edited a file a found with blender (crossing fingers) and hoping to fully customize 3 sets to get actual production flowing. There is a decent market at my work