Floating Engraving Tool

Has anyone used this set of bits on the Nomad for engraving? Please post your opinion and experience.F.E.T.-Engraving-Kit-e1575410764742


Have not, but looks very interesting.

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I have it, but have not used it yet. It is a nice tool with powered engraving feature, not just for drag engraving.

The spring-loaded diamond drag part I get, like a regular one.
What I don’t quite understand is that it “accomodates pretty much any 1/8” (3.175mm) shank “Power Engraving Bits” and “Can run from any RPM to 50,000 + RPM
I must be dense, but when you spin the thing at whatever RPM, with a 1/8” [something] inserted, how does it hold onto the 1/8" shank while still retaining the spring-loaded capability?

Yes should hold on to the shank of the engraving bit, it has sort of a one-way bearing chuck thing, very technical term :laughing:.
You have to twist the bit in/out when changing it.

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I’ve engraved on a zippo lighter with this unit. Worked out well under spring load.

If memory serves the bit has an interference fit within the holder providing minimal retention.


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