Foam toolbox insert for Shapeoko tools (with files)

Finally got around to finishing my Kaizen foam toolbox insert. Here’s the finished product:

I started by taking pictures of the tools and workholding pieces. I traced those out to create vectors, then used Fusion 360 to put them on the foam. From there, I 3d printed some bins for the nuts and bolts, as well as created some custom models for the collet holder and endmill storage. Spots for tape, sweepy, and spare parts round out the design.

Here’s some more pictures:

Hot off the CNC machine

Closeup of some cutouts

In the toolbox

Everything fits perfectly and locks in with a satisfying CLUNK

Endmills and collets. The Datron 680560 on the left did all the foam cutting

Closeups of the tools and workholding

Closeups of the nuts and bolts bins

Video tour

Here are the settings I used for the Datron endmill, which worked WAY better than any other endmills I tried. Foam is hard to cut and gets twisted up around most of the other cutters.

You can find the design file for the endmill holder here

You can find the design file for the foam cutting here



For folks who want to do the same thing for a Nomad see:

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Thank you so much for sharing!

Very nice. The thing about using the foam is it wastes a lot of space but on the other hand you can see at a glance if something is missing. I like my tools organized. I tend to keep like things in areas all together. I have an extensive tool collection and can remember a lot of it but there are literally thousands of small parts and pieces in my shop. Keeping them together and organized keeps me from going crazy looking for them. Right now I have one #6 countersink that I cannot find any where. It is driving me crazy because I do not generally loose stuff. I think eventually I will find it under something else but in the mean time it is driving me crazy. I dont have very far to go.

Check 6 feet and 45 degrees from you thought it might be…snuggled up to a caster on one of your cabinets.

You are welcome

Nice work!
Thanks for sharing.
Ive wanted to try foam but im still learning wood :slight_smile:
Could the foam be frozen to potentially eleviate stands and pull? Very random thought.

Freezing is used for rubber, but I don’t know that foam has sufficient thermal mass/becomes sufficiently more rigid when cold — one gets lots of the stuff w/ an SO5 (and a fair amount w/ other machines/certain accessories) so worth experimenting with.


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