Fogbuster coolant system

This was mentioned on Reddit and seemed promising:

Curious if anyone else has used it, or what their thoughts are.

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Nice product. For the smallest system, the “10100” model, pricing is $325 and with the CA sales tax comes to about $350. Not sure of their shipping costs. You can also get some magnet mounts so that it would be attached easily to your spindle / Z-carriage. Seems ideal for those who do a lot of metal milling, and I wonder it if would lower the amount of cooling fluid you go through. I hear that a major complaint at regular machine shops is the sheer volume of coolant they lose just to evaporation as it moves through the air.

We had one on our Tormach. I think it ended up in the box of parts when we shipped the machine to Edward so I’m not sure if he’s using it now.

For an open machine, it seemed to work well.

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I’m the kind of person who will gladly spend $1,000 trying to cobble together a system from reclaimed parts that will do this than spend the initial $350 just because $350 sounds too expensive to me. The first thing that came to mind was “Hey, I wonder if an aquarium water filter pump would work?”

I kind of like the simplicity of Rich’s drip-based system,

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I’m looking at one at the moment too… the bonus is that the air clears the chips and cools the cutter at the same time… still seems expensive though!

The Trico lil mister works pretty well and is quite a bit cheaper. I have used this on other equipment in the past. I am thinking about getting one to use on my shapeoko for metal machining.

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:sweat_smile: Glad I am not the only one whose first reaction was to go price parts as soon as I saw pics of how it works.

Another user (Josh) pointed me at this contraption, which might work for what you’re trying to do…