Followup: no magic smoke, pt2

Here is the latest. After describing the power-always-on issue with the new controller via email with Carbide 3D support, they sent me out a new power button and sub-harness.

However the button was shipped not connected to the sub-harness and 2 of the wires are different colors than what is in the machine. Now, I could easily “assume” what goes where according to the old harness, but that’s besides the point. How am I to know that the connections haven’t changed with the board rev, I mean if they suspect that is the issue, a diagram for validation would be nice.

I contacted support for this and have yet to get a response. Until then, I’ll not connect it.
I don’t think it’s wrong to be cautious here.

Then there is the error when it’s connected to the PC when the jog function is started. Not sure what that is about, but again, cautious me isn’t running a job with the CNC in it’s current state.

I figured I’d post an update since the previous thread was locked. Also, I put it in the correct category this time :slight_smile:


Connected the power button per instructions received via email. No change in behavior was observed. The Nomad still will not power off normally and generates the same error.
Link to video

Update: This little pain-in-the-chips is going home to the factory on an RMA.

not ideal, but faster and more effective than remote troubleshooting.

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