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I’m looking for the ccv7 Font for the following …
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Check this one out. Free for personal use, commercial license is only $5.


Note that Carbide Create simply uses the fonts which are installed on your system — well, the OpenType and TrueType fonts.


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Very nice to know, thank you

As @WillAdams stated OpenType and TrueType will work. Some others will work as well. The real reason is the OpenType and TrueType are written to a standard. Some 3rd party fonts do not conform to the standards of the Open and True Type fonts. There is the problem. So install the font and restart CC to see if it shows up in the list. Some users have to right click the font and install for all users to get the font to show up in CC. The fonts that do show up in CC are system fonts and the ones you add but the ones you add must adhere to the font standards or CC cannot understand them. There are thousands of fonts that do adhere to the standards and many that do not. It is a dice throw if 3rd party ones work.

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