Food safe epoxy

I’ve been asked to make a raised dog feeder and I’m looking for suggestions on an epoxy finish. Since this will be for both food and water bowls I want the waterproofing ability of epoxy. Obviously the dogs won’t be eating the stuff, but their food will certainly come in contact with the epoxy. So I am asking you guys (and gals) that have done any work that will be used where food would come into contact with the finished surface - what epoxy did you use?

Thanks for your help!

My opinion is that epoxy is way over the top for that application. :smiley:

Any good finish is going to suffice if you put it on right and in layers. Food safe can be anything that would go onto a kitchen cutting board.

I think i would just use mineral oil on it and the owners can re-coat anytime it gets less shiny. Protect the wood and keep the dog regular :slight_smile:

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For highly clear and/or food safe applications I use ArtResin. It is not cheap but it is good stuff.

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Being a multiple dog owner, I would say this is way overkill. The food may come in contact with the feeder but it does not hold the food and besides, probably as much food that the dog will eat will touch the feeder as it will touch the floor and I’m sure that the floor does not have a food safe finish on it.

Sometime we tend to overthink things and be overly cautious. Just saying.

Alumilite Bartop epoxy is FDA compliant.

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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the help. While I do understand that mineral oil or polyurethane would suffice (with periodic refresh), neither of those will protect the wood as well as epoxy would. My client is looking for a maintenance free coating that will protect the wood from the puddles of water that dogs will leave and have a high gloss.
As you all know, the client gets what the client wants!

If this is what the client wants you might want to try a super glue finish. It is often what people I know that make turkey and duck calls use on those items to prevent water ingress. Smooth finish, hard, durable and waterproof. Has to be put on in thin coats but would likely last for a very long time. Just another options without having to mix something.

Almost any finish when fully cured is food safe. Wipe on or spray poly is durable. The modern water based finishes are quite durable and have come a long way in the last few years. But I use poly for almost everything because it is durable and easily sandable to reapply with a rag. Stay away from tung oil because it takes a long long long time to cure hard. The Watco danish oil is also a good finish and is easily re-applied.

So almost any finish is food safe when fully cured. Now if you were to put any finish on a cutting board that is different. Cutting into the finish lets water and food get in. So in the case of carving/cutting boards I would recommend mineral oil. There are also some butcher block finishes that incorporate beeswax into them with natural oils. Never use plant based oils on cutting boards. Olive, vegetable and nut oils can go rancid.

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Epoxy will be kind of hard to apply in this situation I think and totally ugly. Use a good poly. Way easier to apply and really just as durable.

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