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Apologies if this is a very basic question but I’m new to both Shapeoko and Fusion 360.

I’ve created this Pentagon with chamfered edges and a groove running through it.

  1. Toolpaths: CAM (Manufacture as they now call it), I’ve managed the tool path for the cutout perimeter but am having problems with the groove. I’m unable to select the appropriate groove contours… they just don’t select and so the tool paths can’t be generated.

  1. Looking at tutorials, it appears that F360 has a 2D Chamfer option. In other words you don’t actually have to model the chamfer, instead just select the 2D chamfer. I tried that but there again, had problems with selecting the right edges.

Could someone offer any guidance please?

You can’t select it using a 2D toolpath - choose a 3D toolpath instead. Do note that if your tool isn’t exactly the chamfer/angle you modeled, you can’t cut it that way. This sort of chamfer is hard to do really nicely on a 3-axis machine (without using a really small stepover, and even then you need to touch it up a bit).

mikep - thank you the 3D contour selection works great.

As for the chamfer, I’m flexible on the angle and depth of chamfer. I have a 90 degree V-bit and would like a chamfer on the upper perimeter as seen in the pic. Would it make more sense to model the pentagon without the chamfer and then just use the 2D Chamfer option?

Alternatively, if I modify the chamfer to an even 45 degrees, would I select the 2D contour option in CAM or some other one?

Many thanks!

Why not just use a pocket operation for the “groove”?
What is that? It’s pretty tiny.

Check this…note that I didn’t pay attention to any details in the operations.
You had an extra sketch that was causing an issue with your selection. I added path for the chamfer op.

It’s already 45deg

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Neilferreri - yes I could use a pocket operation for the groove… just being new to this made me think that a pocket had to be ‘within’ in object and not ‘through’ an object, if that makes any sense!

Yes, it’s a small piece and I need to make a few of them. Just a prototype for a decorative object.

Would you mind explaining what extra sketch I had?

Also, I noticed that the chamfer operation has one pass. Is this how chamfers are done? I thought there would be multiple passes?

Thank you so much for taking the time to work on the file… much appreciated :slight_smile:

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