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What power plug and power supply is included when selling Nomad 883 and Shapeoko to other countries?

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The power supplies are switching (current ones are auto-switching I believe):

Unfortunately, we can only source U.S. style cords, so you’ll need to source one locally, but it’s a standard sort (kind typically used on computer power supplies), so that should be easy.

Looks OK with the cable and the power plug, just an additional expense.
This should be mentioned somewhere on your website for international buyers to be prepared and that the machine will not work out of the box as such.

Regarding the auto-switching; please confirm that this is a fact and it works for 240 volts as well.

Confirmed (by an ex-pat Brit XXL owner, now living in Canada!)

Oh why won’t my picture upload?!? The PSU states right on it’s underside: “Switching Power Supply // Model : FY 2405000 // Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz”

It also has the CE certification mark included on the label…

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Thank you very much to Will and Darren

No worries! Here’s a pic of the PSU connector:

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Official statement:

The power supplies are sensing/switching (110-240) and include a standard C13 cord with a NEMA 5-20 plug.

For people who may be interested: the power supply I’ve received in Australia [seems to be a new version suitable around the world] and the power plug that should be included.
See photos: