For Randy and others that helped

It’s been a lot of frustration, but I (we) finally have my NOMAD 883 pro working properly!!!

Material: 6061 aluminum, .250 thick.

here’s a picture of part #1 of my 4-part assembly:

The machine is running part #2 right now! it’s looking perfect :slight_smile:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Randy and everyone else that has helped me with this process.

I love you guys!


Could you post the tooling you used, and speeds and feeds that worked well for you?

I used a .125 two-flute carbide endmill @ 10,000 rpm with a .016 stepover.
Feed rate was 200mm and plunge rate 25mm
depth of each cut .032.

it’s noisy, but it makes a beautiful finish. Cooling was provided by a jet of compressed air, which also keeps the chips clear.

it takes approximately 4.5 hours for each piece. The assembly will have 4 pieces total.

Current progress:

I am currently running the part that fits between these two parts. I will post progress as it becomes available!

Here is a mock up of the almost finished part. the 3rd piece I ran yesterday is 1/8 inch shorter than the two outside pieces. This gives me a 1/4 slot, 1/8 deep, following the curve of the radius on top.

Any guesses what this machine will do? heh heh… I will keep updating as I progress!!!

CNC is like sourdough bread–there is “starter” that was made long ago, and when a little has been added to a new batch of dough, the new dough is a continuation of the original batch. When the new dough is mature, it can contribute “starter” to a whole new batch of dough. I’m happy to be part of the CNC “starter” chain and passing along what was taught to me over the years, and you are very welcome, James.