FOR SALE: Brand New - SOLD BitSetter, PENDING BitRunner Standalone, BitZero

Hi All,

I am not going to end up getting a Shapeoko any time soon and need the money. I purchased these three items as I was going to pull the trigger in July-August on the XXL Pro and when I have looked these were not in stock all the time so when I saw all three I jumped and bought these in June 2020.

I never was able to pull the trigger on the actual machine so these are just collecting dust and I’d rather have the money in my pocket instead of sitting on a shelf.

They are brand new and only opened the boxes to look at them. They are still all wrapped up and twist-tied wires and exactly as they were shipped to me.

I would please like to sell all three together but will piece them out if needed.

I would please like to get the following, which are $10 off each purchased individually or $40 off if you purchase all three.

1x Shapeoko BitZero for $110.00 w/free USPS shipping
PENDING 1x BitRunner Standalone for $70.00 w/free USPS shipping
SOLD 1x Shapeoko BitSetter for $110.00 w/free USPS shipping
All three for $280 w/free USPS shipping

I can take Venmo and will ship them out immediately.