For Sale - HDZ Bitsetter Probe + Misc. SO3 Parts

I have a collection of parts gathered for an upgrade to my original SO3 that never happened. The HDZ, prox sensors & probe are all vintage Mr. Beaver from his early production runs. Drag chain, belts and hardware are from Alibaba/eBay with limited info but meant to fit the SO3. Dust boot fits Dewalt 611. Everything is new/unused but a mite dusty.

Let me know what you are interested in and we can dicker on prices but assume 70% of new for starters. Thanks.


sent private message

Just did the math, looks like $900 @ cost conservatively. 70% is $600-ish on the low end, & I’d ship it USPS flat rate.

Prefer to see if there is interest in buying as a lot, so for the moment I’m not going to break it up.


I, must, control, my urge, to buy another Beaver Blue HDZ… :pleading_face: