FOR SALE New Shapeoko 3 XXL with Dewalt Router - Brand New Never Used

(Benjamin Klotzbach) #1

I purchased the Shapeoko 3 XXL at the beginning of this year. My intention was to use it to cut out shapes, letters, etc. I got busy with work and never got around to learning how to use it and it has sat assembled in my garage under a cover since. My regular woodworking is expanding and I need the room and money to grow.

Paid $1830 for it.
Looking for best offer. Just want to recoop as much as I can from it.

Located in Rochester, NY.

Feel free to message me on here or call/text me at 585-481-4030



(William Adams) #2

Might help to note location and radius of travel.

(Tito) #3

Quoted. This is for 20 characters

(Ben) #4

To be fair, the original post was edited to include the info after the fact.

(Benjamin Klotzbach) #5

Lol yes I edited it after I received the message. Couple of people interested. Currently still for sale. Make offer

(Zen Zager) #6

Just bought mine about a week ago otherwise I’d grab it. Good luck!

(Luke) #7

Would you consider posting to the UK?

(Benjamin Klotzbach) #8

Prefer local pick up if possible.

(David Vanderhoof) #9

Still have xxl?. Im in Ohio.

(JoAnn Schwitalski) #10

Hello Benjamin,
Looking to purchase a Shapeoko, still available? Would you consider shipping? Located in Ohio.

Thanks for your time


(Josh lange) #11

Any chance this is still available? I’m located in buffalo

(Joey Swearingen) #12

Is this still available? I’m interested