FOR SALE: Nomad 3 in Ottawa Ontario

I’m selling a Nomad 3 that has seen very little use since I got it less than a year ago. It was a replacement for a previous machine that went haywire, so while I had a CNC for about a year and a half and used it quite a lot, this specific machine has seen very little use, and only for cutting small sections of wood. I’m selling it because of my living situation, not because there are any issues with it.

Brand new the machine is ~3700 CAD, plus ~500 in taxes when it comes over the border. I’m asking 3000 CAD, for the machine, the various endmills I have (including some nice Armana bits that would be great for small precision work), and any other supplies I have that might be useful to you (low profile vise, 123 blocks, small shop vac and dust collector, pull saw for cutting stock, and some other odds and ends). Can also include the little Ikea table it’s on, as I won’t need this for anything once the machine is gone.

I live in Ottawa and may be able to deliver the machine to certain nearby cities/towns, including Toronto as I have family there. Local pickup is also an option, of course. I’m not sure about shipping, but if anyone is interested in the machine, we can discuss it. I really don’t want to mess around with trying to ship this thing across the border, but if someone more knowledgeable/experienced than me knows how to do it without too much fuss, I’ll consider it.

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