For Sale: Nomad 3 - Louisiana

I have a Nomad 3 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for sale. It was purchased in September of 2021 and used to machine small parts. I’ve since taken delivery of a Tormach 770MX so not using this anymore.

Asking $2000. Includes probe.

It’s in a commercial office space and you’re welcome to come see it run or I could meet within a few hours of Baton Rouge. Shipping will be tough but if someone really wants to ship it let me know and we can figure it out.

It has a new spindle with just a few hours on the new spindle.

The door hinge has separated from leaving it up all the time but a new hinge is $10 and I’ll replace it if I find a buyer.

The machine itself runs great and helped me launch my product with great looking aluminum parts. I had to move up to the larger Tormach machine to keep up with the sales but this machine was a great introduction to learning how to machine aluminum.

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Have you found a buyer?

Still available for sale?