For Sale: Nomad 3

Nomad 3 for sale. Includes what is shown in the photos. Purchased new in January of 2021. Located in Ogden Utah.
Asking $2200 obo buyer pays shipping

I added an air line through the wiring harness so that it has air blast for clearing chips, and I removed the factory enclosure and made a clear plexiglass enclosure that sets over the top to allow for easier access for cleaning, greasing and oiling maintenance. I still have the factory enclosure and will reinstall it for shipping. The table was built specifically for the nomad and has a drawer for tools and a drawer under the mill for the chips to fall into. I won’t ship the table or my home built enclosure, but If a buyer is interested in them they will be included for local pickup or I’m willing to meet within a reasonable driving distance.

Also Includes a brand new spare spindle, and an electronic isolation kit to help mitigate static interference.

I Mostly cut plastic with it, a few aluminum projects and a couple of wood projects.

I upgraded to a larger mill and won’t be using this anymore.

Everything works great with it and I can provide video of it running if you’d like.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Dave Wrobel
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