For Sale Nomad 883 Pro Enclosure acoustically sealed

This is an acoustically sealed enclosure for the Nomad 883 both pro and classic. I used this in my classroom and I could run it while students were in the room. You couldnt hear it.It’s very quiet. Also great for an apartment.

Has LED lighting and a surge protector attached. Locks tight and when a shop vac is attached it forms a tight seal. It’s heavy with thick plywood and a piano hinge for the lid. Holes on the side and back line up with nomad power and usb sockets. Comes with a hose that attaches to a 3d printed part that goes over the spindle. It was very good at keeping things clean. Asking $100. In Brooklyn NY. Could deliver for a bit extra to the trI state area. Could ship but it’s heavy so could be expensive but it’ll def survive shipping. It’s that tough! Email if you’re interested.


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