For Sale! Nomad 883 Pro +New+ Plus Extras

I used this once and set it aside as work life balance fell to hell :slight_smile:

Wonderful item with the Vise, Flip Jig, Alum Plate and every bit they make for it! (All included in the price) Still have the original box and paperwork. I really do have only 15-30 minute of run time on it.

Asking 1800 + shipping to move it quickly. PM me if interested. Hopefully this isn’t breaking any rules posting here.


I can’t figure out how to PM you, maybe I don’t have access to since I’m a new user? I’m very interested, please try to PM me if possible. What state are you located in? Thanks!

Click on his name and the msg option pops up :slight_smile:

Not for me, unfortunately

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I’m afraid that your trust level is still set to “New User” and I don’t see how to directly elevate that.

Hang on, gonna try something.

can someone vouch for OP? He’s a new user (well…so am I, but he’s looking for a level of trust). I don’t distrust OP, we talked on the phone for a while and he sounds like a great guy, just looking for a reputable person to vouch for him. Thank you

100% interested if this is still available. Let me know!

Hello - I am interested if it is still available - would you ship to Europe ? Cheers.

Is this still available?

Is this still for sale? I would like to buy it.

Hey Daz, I’m also interested in buying. Let me know!