For sale Nomad 883 Pro

Bought this from someone that used it only a few times. I had the enclosure from another purchase. I intended to use this last year with my student but then COVID happened. Now this year isnt looking any better so with the danger of teacher layoffs its time to get rid of some toys. The Nomad 883 V2 comes with a quiet Fein shop vac, flip jig and many many bits not pictures. Also mdf tables and clamps. Enlosures has a hole yo attached the vac. Im also including the webcam that I connect to a pi running octoprint/GRBL. Im not including the pi but I am including the camera. Everything works as it should. Ilcuding a bunch of HDPE and sample wood steel and some aluminum that I bought for projects but never used. Also including cutting oil doublesided tape and various other accessories which are too many to name. Will upload more pictures of the bits soon. Asking $2250. Will consider shipping but only frieght. The enclosure is thick pywood and very heavy. Would consider delivery in the tri state area if you buy it not just to look at it. Please ask questions…!!

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