For Sale: Shapeoko 3 with many upgrades


I am very sad, but I am going to sell my Shapeoko 3, here are the details:

Shapeoko 3 Standard Kit with carbide 3d router
HDZ Upgrade - One blemish where I had to cut a stripped eccentric nut
Precision Collets
Touch Probe
Aluminum Threaded Table
800kw Liquid Cooled Chinese spindle with Carbide 3D mount (Not setup yet)
Carbide 3D low profile vise
Upgraded rollers
Leading edge industrial low profile vise
Mist coolant setup but not setup yet
I will include some end mills, ball mills as well

Asking $3200

Location… Location…

Detroit, Michigan
I can dis-assemble it for shipping, the aluminum plate will be the heavy part and would ship that separately

Do be more exact 40 miles north of Detroit

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