For Sale Shapeoko 3 XXL with upgrades $950

I was keeping this around as a backup to my SO5 Pro, but I figured I’d let go for someone else to use.
Comes with everything you see, HDZ, extrusion base, suckit dust boot, Dewalt router, Bitzero, etc.

Last ran it about six months ago, needs tuning up. One of the lower V-wheels has a busted flange but there’s a new wheel in the bag of spare parts.

Might consider parting it out.

Located in South Orange County California, where it’s actually raining.

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Just for reference or another data point: I bought my slightly used Basic (no add-ons) SO3 XXL for $1200 last year and have no remorse. I love it.


Would you part out the HDZ? If so, I’m interested.

That’s an OG BB HDZ!

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Is that a good thing? Not sure what that means, exactly! I do know that the blue one is one of the earlier models, at least, but no idea how it differs from the newer ones.

The blue would look cool on my red Stepoko 3, though…

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Yes. I am reluctant to sell my SO3, partly because of the original Beaver Blue HDZ. Excellent upgrade.
Part of Shapeoko modern history.


Ah, makes sense! That is pretty darn cool. I not wanting to part with a machine because of stuff like that.

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